The French Alps

Mont Blanc sitting at 4,808m is the Queen of the Alps and also the highest mountain in Europe sitting in the Graian Alps bordering Italy and Switzerland.

Connected to Her Majesty is another work of wonder, the French Alps encompassing the regions of Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions and world famous towns such as Grenoble, Annecy, Chamonix, Albertville and Évian-les-Bains.

The Alps are also known by cycling fans all over the globe for memorable moments on 'must-do-before-you-die' climbs such as Alpe d'Huez, Col du Galibier, Col du Télégraphe, Col d’Izoard, Col de la Madeleine.

"You don't want to spend much time in Germany
or even France in the winter
unless youre in the Alps"

Chris Frantz
(Musician and Record producer)

Major Passes

Cime de la Bonette 2,802 m
Col de l’Iseran 2,770 m
Col Agnel 2,744 m
Col du Galibier 2,642 m
Col de la Moutière 2,454 m
Col du Granon 2413 m
Plan du Lac 2,370 m
Col d’Izoard 2,360 m
Col de la Lombarde 2,350 m
Val Thorens 2,350 m
Col des Gondrans 2,347 m
Col de la Cayolle 2,326 m
Barrage du Saut 2280 m
Col d’Allos 2,247 m
Err / Puigmal Ski Station 2,221 m
Cim de Coma Morera 2,205 m
Col du Petit St. Bernard 2,188 m
Col du Petit Mont Cenis 2,183 m
Les Arcs 2000 2,150 m
Lac d'Allos 2,133 m
Tignes Val Claret 2,130 m


The riding in the Alps is variable in regards to gradients and distance, though the road surface is generally fabulous.!!
The best time of the year is: Late May, June, July, September and October with consistent weather throughout the summer period.
Be sure to always have a wind/rain proof jacket with you, sometimes the late afternoons can be cold descending

Le tour de france

The product of two rival sports newspapers in the country, Le Vélo (first & largest) and L'Auto (set-up by journalists and business-people including Comte Jules-Albert de Dion, Adolphe Clément and Édouard Michelin in 1899). In short L'Auto wasn't selling as planned and the result of several emergency meetings lead to the first idea of running a 6-day race, which had never been done. The first race was run between the 1-19 July, with an entry fee of 10 Francs. All riders were offered a daily allowance if they averaged  20 km/h during all stages, this was equivalent to what a rider would have earn per day in a factory. first prize was12,000 France (6 times more than an annual salary) and daily winners prize being 3,000 Francs. 80 people entered.


The Alps are old... how old?? Located in the Appenzell Alps are the Wildkirchli caves and these show traces of Neanderthal habitation. It has been proven that during the last glacial maxium, the Alps were entirely covered in ice and believed that humans reached the ranges around 30,000 years ago.
"Ötzi the Iceman," who lived around 3200 BC located in the Ötztaler Alps, proves that there was human existence in the Bronze Age.

Food in the Alps

Fondue Savoyarde
Crozets (Croziflette)
Le Farcement
Gateau de Savoie
Le Genepi
Alps Rapids

Follow wild rapids in pine forests

Chris Froome Tour de France

Get close to the Pro's at the TdF

Border Italy and France

Cross historical borders

"Thanks for such a memorable holiday at the Tour de France this year.
On our own we would never have been face-to-face with so many pro's
We were frontline thanks to your knowledge and know-how
Merci for everything you did for us on this tour"

Luis and Barbara


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