Victoria - Australia - 'A Metre Matters' - Congratulations!


Melbourne, Australia: for anyone who has visited this lively & buzzing city, you can close your eyes right now and visualise the hustle and bustle, the sounds of the birds, the screech of the trams, the click of gears, the woosh of bikes passing by.... it all works, it works well, people from all over the world who live and visit this city.. coming together in harmony... I love being there and I love sitting back and watching it all work.

Go beyond Melbourne... into the Yarra Ranges National Park, towards Bairnsdale and along the East Coast, up to the Alps region, out to the gold rush towns of Bendigo and Ballarat, further more to the magical Grampians, down to the Great Ocean Road - the home of God's 12 Apostles, Geelong - the home of the 2010 Road World Cycling Champs and who can forget the spectacular Mornington Peninsula... the state of Victoria has so much to offer....

Close your eyes again, imagine again, what do you see in all these places?
Of course, natural beauty.. oozing before your eyes........
But one thing stands out, and its the presence of BICYCLES..
No matter where you go in Victoria, there are bikes, whether it be commuters, families, avid & competitive cyclists, this state was born to be a cycling state, and its population has a lot to be proud of.

COVID-19 has seen many changes occur worldwide, and one has been the phenomenal uptake of cycling in every angle of the globe.
On a daily basis, key associations and foundations, come to us for assistance in raising the awareness of bike uptake, usage and safety.
We have given them as much support as possible, as we believe not only in cycling, but we strongly believe in cycling safety.

This week has been an exciting one for the people of Victoria...for Australia in general.
The Victorian Government announced the passing of A Metre Matters legislation and a $13 million investment into temporary cycling infrastructure!
Congratulations Victoria, this support for cycling will save lives and keep people riding.
Every Victorian and every Australian should celebrate that A Metre Matters for Everyone!

On Wednesday we received this delightful letter from Dan Kneipp, the CEO of the Amy Gillett Foundation (click to view) thanking us for our contribution. For Maglia Nera Tours, it is a given we support such programs, we do not expect thank you's, though we are always proud to be part of such monumental changes. We endorse movements which not only increase the usage of bikes, but also improve the general wellbeing and mental health of human beings, in a safe manner

Well done Dan and Team for their achievements and the success of the AMM ( 'A Metre Matters') Campaign which began over 10 years ago. For those who do not know about the Amy Gillett foundation, it was established in 2005 following the death of Amy Gillett, who was killed by a driver in July that year while she was cycling in Germany with the Australian women’s cycling team.

Amy’s husband, Simon, together with Amy’s parents Mary and Denis and friends, were concerned at the state of safety on Australian roads, hence the The Amy Gillett Foundation was formed and has evolved to become the leading cycling safety organisation in Australia, driven by a core mission to reduce the death and injury of cyclists.

The Amy Gillett Foundation works with all levels of government, road authorities, corporate, motoring, cycling and community safety organisations and the public to create a safer cyclists environment in Australia.

Their MISSION is Safe Cycling in Australia; Their VISION is zero fatalities; Their results are already FANTASTIC.

Join us in celebrating Victoria's success!


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