Partnership with Fortem Australia

Fortem Australia logo inline white2020 The Year of Challenges

Maglia Nera Tours Pty Ltd is proud and excited to officially announce its partnership with Fortem Australia.

The two organisations have come together to leverage the benefits of group cycling programs to assist first responder personnel, and their families to build healthy social connections and promote protective factors for good mental health.

Leveraging off the new group cycling programs, the partnership aims to also facilitate cycling-related fundraiser events to provide much-needed funding for future Fortem Australia operations.

Combining all of this, Maglia Nera Tours and Fortem hope to support the recovery of the tourism sector in Australia with financially supported cycling tour programs.

Maglia Nera Tours runs cycling tours around world for all levels of experience, age, and budgets.

‘Maglia Nera’ in Italian means ‘Black Jersey’, which was awarded to the final rider in the Giro d' Italia between 1946 and 1951, very much like the ‘Wooden Spoon’!

The company’s motto is: "You don't need to come first to be a winner" and its official hashtag is #icamelast (I came last).

The motto and hashtag aim convey one important message: The importance of activity and its positive effect on the physical and mental health of all human beings.


Cycling is a low impact sport, allowing one to cover vast distances if desired and incredibly social

Yvette Fuser, Director often reminds us that "people’s hearts open up out when on two wheels, more often than one can imagine”


Fortem Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the mental fitness and wellbeing of first responder families.

Every day, more than 300,000 first responders keep our communities safe. They are backed up by their families: partners, children, and parents. All of them hold vital and challenging roles.

Fortem helps them to be well, and stay well, through mental fitness and wellbeing activities and support services.

Fortem Co-Founder and Managing Director, John Bale says “Not only are cycling programs a great way to stay fit while promoting feelings of calm and wellbeing, they’re a great way to build wider support networks for both first responders and their families.”

2020 has been a challenging year for all Australians.

First Responder’s have had an increased level of responsibility and stress, first with Australia’s 2019-20 bush fire disaster, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Media Release: 14th October 2020)


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