'I did it my way' - Couples Tour


Couples tour - just the two of us

We all lead busy, frenetic lives and many of us fail to see our most LOVED ONE as much as we want to.

Holiday time is precious and sometimes limited, hence a cycling holiday with your cycling partner is all you need.

Organising a tour can also be difficult when you are juggling work, kids, family, friends etc, hence leave it to us to put your itinerary together based on EXACTLY what you want.

You choose the amount of luxury, support and level of riding you would like!


There is no need to pack bikes onto planes and haul them across the globe, ride one of Pinarello's,


Work with our tour experts to create an itinerary suited your skills visiting places you desire


Spoil yourself off the bike by allowing us to organise: 

  • Dinners: enjoy the best dining on offer at Michelin Star & local fine dining restaurants
  • Accommodation: enjoy luxury private locations enjoying some sleep-in's!
  • Thermals: visit famous thermal resorts in Italy, Austria, Switzerland or France where you can relax in natural hot springs, saunas, and turkish baths after your daily ride.
  • Relax: at the hands of a massage therapist (couples massages are always a great option)

where do i start?

We recommend the following steps when building your tour:

  1. Ideas: you are more than welcome to study the extensive range of tours we have listed on our website
  2. Mix n' Match: you may want to get some ideas from one, mix it with another and then add some ideas of your own, spice it up!
  3. Locations: list any specific locations & or famous climbs you would all like to visit/ride
  4. Accommodation: choose your level of hotel accommodation - 3, 4 or 5 star
  5. Meals: choose between all-inclusive (all meals included) or partial (allowing you the flexibility to dine when & wherever you like)
  6. Bikes: most of our guests take advantage if our Pinarello fleet, this saves travelling with your own personal bike!
  7. Dates: determine 1 or 2 time periods you can all travel.
  8. Contact: Contact us via WhatsApp or Email to get the ball rolling
    1. WhatsApp: +61 404 679 146 or +39 329 929 6560
    2. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leave the rest to us, let the magic begin.

'I did it my way'


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