Flexible Tour Options


Bringing a group together is a task in itself and we are here to make life easier for you!
Not everyone has the same needs when embarking on a cycling tour, hence it can be a challenge to keep everyone happy.
We pride ourselves in building dream cycling holidays and our staff are experts in bringing together an unforgettable itinerary with a level of service which suits every riders taste and budget.
There are a number of variables when coming on tour that can be modified to assist you find that happy medium

Whether it's a difference in tastes, urgencies or restricted budgets...
our aim is to make sure that every single person
can ride with us in beautiful cycling locations !


Luxury hotels are important to some, but not everyone, hence we allow you to choose the level of hotel stars you wish to stay in.
You may want to mix it up depending on your location and availability, either way we will endeavour to find the hotel that suits from our years of experience.


You Welcome & Farewell dinners are on us, but those in between you can have choose however you wish, for example:

  • The 'all-inclusive' approach having us book & pay for all meals including or excluding alcohol
  • Book and PPP: have us book all your meals but have it as PPP (pay per person)
  • Freedom: have us supply you with a list of options which you can explore on the night and choose


You can choose to bring your own bike or you could take advantage of one our fleet of Pinarello bikes.
*Please note that if you use one of our bikes, insurance is complusory


Choose the level of Support you wish to have from our staff

  • Full Support: on all rides with a Support Van and Tour Guide
  • Van Support: only the driver & van on all rides
  • Partial Support: where we send you off in the morning, meet you in certain spots along the way to the end
  • Self-Support: we provide maps to you where you guide yourself from A to B, we will collect and deliver your bags to the next hotel


  • Daily: cycling kit on a daily basis, normal clothes every 2-3 days
  • Partial: every 2-3 days
  • Nil: you take care of your own laundry


When riding in beautiful places, you will find interesting places to visit off the bike.
You can have us organise extra activities for you, or take care of your own extra-curricular fun!

 get the ball rolling

Contact: Contact us via WhatsApp or Email !

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Let the magic begin.



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