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Sacred Heart Mission - Donation of Pinarello Bike

SupportingSHM Logo reducedMaglia Nera Tours and it's Staff support many charity organisations throughout the year, including StGiles, Fortem, Soldier On, the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter, to name a few....

We also run our own '100% Tasmania Circumnavigation Charity Ride'   where 100% of the money raised by riders goes direct to the beneficiaries. In 2020 we supported both StGiles and Fortem in our 'Virtual COVID-19 Edition'.

Cycling is an amazing way to bring people together, to celebrate life and to pedal, raising money for those in need.
We always say 'the gift of riding a bike is just a dream for some' ... this always makes us want to ride more.

In early March we were approached by our dear friends, Chris Arnott (#1 Fundraiser in our 2020 Virtual Tasmania Circumnavation) and Carolyn Clark (2019 OAM 'Order of Australia'), seeking  some assistance in raising money for the Sacred Heart Mission (SHM), we jumped at the chance, for we knew exactly who they were and what they supported. 

The occasion was the 'Light up a Life Cocktail Party'  held on Thursday Lungavita Auction25th March at the MARS Gallery, Windsor, Melbourne to raise money for the Sacred Heart Mission's Women's House

Such an event obviously required something classy, hence the brain was ticking...... a few phone calls, stock and style checks with  DeGrandi Cycles in Geelong and before the end of the day, we had organised a courier to deliver a brand new Pinarello LUNGAVITA City Bike to Carolyn in time for the event!

Our Director, Yvette was able to join Chris, Carolyn and husband Jeff at the event, where the location and atmosphere was incredible! Yvette was welcomed by the fabulous & warm SHM Committee who were working hard to reach the evening's target of $110,000.... could it be done?

The cocktail party included a 'Rowdy Auction' (the auctioneers in action in the photo on your right) which was the highlight of the evening. Plenty of 'rowdy' behaviour, fun and good laughs to add to the already amazing atmosphere of the night. Bids were being hollered from all angles of the gallery, amidst cheers and laughter.   Several items were auctioned, including holidays, accommodation, dinners, art and of course, the Pinarello LUNGAVITA!

Much to our delight the bike raised a fabulous amount of money and was purchased by a local Melbournian and long term supporter of the  SHM and many other charities relating to women, her philanthropy work is well known on a global scale. Thank you for your generous bid and contribution to such an amazing cause. Thank you Carolyn Clark and the SHM committe for all your hard work.

At the time of publishing this blog, the 'Light up a Life' event had surpassed its target raising $145,724. This equates to 132% of its goall!

Donations can still be made, if you would like to make a contribution,  please click here


In this financial year alone, it will cost over $880,000 to run the Sacred Heart Mission's Women’s House and all its vital services.
The Victorian Government will contribute around $297,000 which only provides for limited support.
This leaves a gap of more than $500,000, which can only be filled by the caring generosity of the community.

more About Sacred Heart MIssion and the Women's house

The Women’s House has been running for over 30 years and is located in downtown St Kilda, Melbourne, where it has provided care to the most chronically disadvantaged women in the community. 

Every year, the Women’s House has over 7,000 visits by women seeking to:

  1. Secure the immediate necessities of food, clothing, amenities, housing and well-being support;
  2. Engage in effective, short and long-term crisis assistance and mitigation tailored to their individual
    situation and needs;
  3. Develop their personal capacity for independence and social and economic inclusion

They arrive at the Women's House to seek support, a meal, a shower, a pathway out of homelessness and a place to rest.

The Women’s House also provides assistance for women with housing, physical and mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, family violence, financial and legal matters, and social and life skills. Each woman is unique, but they all have one thing in common: trauma.

Over time, the Women's House has has evolved greatly:  from providing a simple meal and companionship to local people in need in the
early 1980s;  to a now, well-respected, independent non-profit organisation, well-known for effectively responding to the complex needs of thousands of Melbourne’s most vulnerable people.

Most Australians know that the SHM Women's House deliver responses that make a real difference in people’s lives.
In everything they do, their aim is to build people's capacity to find and maintain housing and to achieve an independent and active community life. They lead research and innovation and passionately advocate for an inclusive, fair and compassionate community where people can overcome disadvantage and realise their full potential.

The Women's House have defined themselves in a very unique and special way, for they see new personal strengths, achievements and optimism unfold for people every day.

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