COVID-19 and Your Safety

The safety of our guests has always been a number one priority of ours.

Whether it be the roads we choose to take you down, the daily maintenance of our Pinarello bikes, or the upkeep of our support vehicles, every step is a thought out process to eliminate risk to you.

We have always worked closely with our OH&S Consultant on Risk Management, hence a good COVID-19 plan has been easy for us to adopt.

We have further dissected every process within our business, including day to day happenings when out on the road.

With added mechanism and revised practices, we aim to reduce, even moreso, the risk of cross-infection.

The well-being of our guests and employees has always been at an optimum and that has not changed.

We have worked hard with local government agencies, in keeping up to date with the best safety measures worldwide, these include:

We have successfully attained accreditation at both a National and International level, taking no short cuts in delivering the best practices to our business.

The journey has been everchanging, dynamic and rewarding, as we welcome a new world in tourism, along with a global boom in cycling.

We look forward to having you on tour and allowing us to take care of you.


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